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The anticipation and bliss of having a baby is usually not far from the anxiety that something will go wrong with the birthing process, possibly causing disabilities like cerebral palsy in the child. There are undoubtedly all types of risks involved in childbirth, and the medical community is taking particular care and precautionary measures to advise pregnant women how to care for themselves and the unborn child. Cerebral palsy diagnosis increases every year and the cause may be linked to medical malpractice, in which case a cerebral palsy lawyer may be needed.

While caring for the expectant mother and fetus, medical providers are responsible for assuring adequate care during the pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and immediately after the delivery of the infant. When injury does occur during the birthing process, the results can be devastating. A cerebral palsy lawyer can help you determine if medical malpractice caused your child’s cerebral palsy. Doctors and nurses can be held accountable if their mistakes were the cause of cerebral palsy. Medical mistakes are the cause of thousands of cerebral palsy cases.

Before contacting a cerebral palsy lawyer, look at a few possible mistakes that can cause cerebral palsy during delivery. Here are a few mistakes made during delivery that mean the medical team could be at fault, and a cerebral palsy lawyer is needed.

The most important important thing to keep stable during delivery is the constant supply of oxygen to the brain. Leaving the child in the birth canal too long can result in hypoxia, or lack of oxygen to the brain, which causes cerebral palsy. Hypoxia can also be caused by the failure to detect a prolapsed umbilical cord, where it wraps around the neck of the child. Failure to perform a cesarean section in the event of fetal distress leaves the fetus in the birth canal too long where hypoxia can occur as well. In the case of a large birth weight infant, a c-section should be planned ahead of time.

During delivery, failure to respond to the mothers changing conditions, such as high blood pressure or toxemia, can affect the baby. Immediately after delivery, all health signs of the infant should be monitored as well as the diagnosis and treatment of jaundice or meningitis. Failure to recognize and treat seizures following delivery could cause irreversible damage to the newborn.

Although medical malpractice is only the cause of cerebral palsy during a moderate percentage of cases, you have the right to know if your child’s cerebral palsy was preventable. A cerebral palsy lawyer can answer any questions about your legal rights entering this complicated field. Because so little is known about cerebral palsy, it is difficult to determine if it was indeed malpractice or ill-fated development that caused your child’s cerebral palsy. Either way, a cerebral palsy lawyer will best be able to determine what legal rights and options are available and advise the proper course of action.

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