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Intensive Polish Therapy Introduced in the U.S.

A woman from Utah has brought an intensive treatment for those with cerebral palsy from Poland to the U.S. to help Americans get better treatment for the disease.

Tracy Christensen’s daughter, Colby, was born with cerebral palsy and after making frequent trips to Poland for a unique therapy program that Polish doctors developed, she decided to start her own program in her home state of Utah.

The “Now I Can” Program

The “Now I Can” program that Christensen set up in Utah allows those with cerebral palsy to receive a unique treatment not available anywhere else in the U.S. without the expense and hassle of traveling to Europe.

The program puts patients through three week programs where they receive strength training with specialized equipment like therapeutic cages, get massages, and wear orthopedic suits that help with posture and balance.

These three week sessions last four hours and are five days a week with the thought process that when patients have to endure intensive treatment for a consecutive period of time they will progress faster.

Christensen ensures that all of her staff is highly capable and experienced when it comes to handling patients with the condition.

“Our staff has extensive experience having worked hand-in-hand with Polish therapists. We also have skilled and caring aides to assist in giving children the best care possible,” she explains.

Success Stories

Alex Nicely who has been confined to a wheelchair most his life due to cerebral palsy has benefited greatly from program.

After going through the program in Poland he was able to return to the U.S. and walk off the airplane as opposed to being wheeled off.

"People with stroke, brain injury, car accidents, cerebral palsy, spina bifida….anyone that will benefit from physical therapy will benefit from intensive physical therapy,” says Christensen.

(Source: kutv.com)

Are you or a loved one suffering from cerebral palsy? Contact us today to learn more about treatment options that are available to you, or contact a cerebral palsy attorney to learn more about your legal rights.

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