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Teen Starts Foundation to Find CP Cure

One teenager from Houston, Texas, who is living with cerebral palsy, has proven to be far from ordinary as he consistently inspires those around him.

The boy is taking his two passions, sports and politics, and creating a foundation to support cerebral palsy research.

Boy Takes Action and Helps Others

Gary J. Lynn, 16, has gained quite a following, giving coaching advice to sports icons, like golfer Bo Van Pelt, and Houston Texas kicker Kris Brown.

He also has been known to rub elbows with the governor of Texas, Rick Perry and Houston Mayor, Bill White.

Now, Lynn is joining his passions for sports and politics to help others who are also living with the disability he is, cerebral palsy.

Gary J. Lynn Foundation Kicks Off

Lynn has created his own non-profit organization, known as the Gary J. Lynn Foundation, which will host its initial Rid the World of Cerebral Palsy Golf Tournament the first week of September.

The first tournament, which is hoped to become an annual event, will honor Dr. Mindy Aisen, the leading neurology specialist with the United Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation.

“Though Gary is confined by a wheelchair, he refuses to be defined by his disability,” explains his mother, Andrea Lynn. “This golf tournament will give Gary the chance to thank his supporters and to enrich the lives of others who live with this crippling disease.”

(Source: Jewish Herald Voice)

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