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Christmas Toys for Kids with Disabilities

For Carla Edwards, an analyst and administrative director at the Dallas-based Behavioral Innovations Inc., Christmas is a time full of questions regarding toys from parents with children who have disabilities.

Edwards understands that parents of those with cerebral palsy, autism or other disabilities, have a difficult time finding toys to engage their children.

Toy Guide for Parents

“I always tell them that it’s best to start with what you know your child loves,” says Edwards. “When I’m buying toys for us to use in therapy, I try to find items with different components. So if it plays music, I want it to play more than one song.”

This year, Edwards plans to direct parents having present issues to pick up the Toys “R” Us Guide for Differently Abled Kids.

The free guide features toys that cater to various developmental areas, from those with movement disorders to those with language development issues and problems with social skills.

“The guide should help people make better choices,” explains the center’s director, Diana Nielander.

Suggestions for Presents

Among the toys mentioned in the guide are the Shake ‘n Bobbles Vehicles, which cater to children with gross motor skill development and hand-eye coordination.

Children who enjoy art can create their own works using the Draw and Write Touch Board.

For those who are musically inclined, the Discovery Band in a Bucket helps with fine motor development and social skills.

All of these toys can be found at Toys “R” Us.

(Source: Dallas News)

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