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Underweight Newborns at Risk for CP

According to recent research, babies who are born underweight or prematurely have a higher risk for developing disabilities like cerebral palsy and autism.

The risk reportedly doubles when a child is born early or smaller than average.

Study Conducted

Researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted the study that linked low birth weight and early delivery to various disabilities.

The study found that females are especially at risk of cerebral palsy when they are born underweight.

“This gives us more clues about certain disabilities, which we desperately need, but it’s not anything clinicians can use right away,” explains Dr. Cindy Molloy, the assistant professor of pediatrics at the Center for Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital.

Research Discovered Links CP to Newborns

The results found from the study, reiterates how important it is to carefully monitor children who are born abnormally small for physical and behavioral problems.

“This way, children can be treated and begin therapy immediately,” explains Diana Schendel, the author of the study.

(Source: U.S. News)

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