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The Feldenkrais Method for Cerebral Palsy

Since cerebral palsy usually affects motor and muscle function, many therapies and treatments are based on focusing on movement optimization.  One method of rehabilitation for cerebral palsy is called The Feldenkrais Method.  The method is named for its inventor Moshe Feldenkrais.  Through a unique combination of physical therapy, psychology, and martial arts, Feldenkrais aims at developing movement and physical growth in its practitioners.

The Feldenkrais method relies on the nervous system’s ability to change and learn.  Through “teaching” the nervous system, the Feldenkrais method can redirect a body’s nervous growth.  The Feldenkrais method can help people with cerebral palsy do such basic things as move and lie more comfortably.  The method can also aid people with cerebral palsy in pain cessation or avoidance.  

The Feldenkrais method for cerebral palsy is based on redirecting misdirected patterns of physical and psychological behavior.  By varying therapy sessions, the Feldenkrais method can change and modify certain habitual inclinations such as sensory and motor functions.  In people with cerebral palsy this therapy can particularly be of help in overcoming movement problems.  By retraining the body and mind to move in certain and varying patterns, the Feldenkrais method can help a person with cerebral palsy make progress.

 The combination therapy consists of developing movement, biomechanics, psychological treatments, and even martial arts.  The Feldenkrais method for cerebral palsy can organize these elements of the person into learning how to better control one’s movements and to train the nervous system in acting in different ways.  The method can help by using very simple techniques that aid in spastic muscle function and its development.  Many patients in cerebral palsy have spasticity, or stiffness, in their muscles.  The Feldenkrais technique can be used to help spasticity and aid in walking, sitting, or pain relief from the tension in the muscle.

As the senses interact with motor functions, a development takes place that falls into an effective pattern for future improvements.  Using the Feldenkrais method for cerebral palsy, an affected person can work toward controlling and manipulating their own bodies.  This control is essential in maintaining balance during walking or standing.

The Feldenkrais therapist is trained in these developments.  This cerebral palsy therapy is often very slight, non-invasive, gentle, and even pleasurable.  This kind of therapy can be effective because it is so gentle and guiding.
The Feldenkrais method for cerebral palsy usually takes place over several years, if not a lifetime.  If the cerebral palsy was the result of a medical mistake, some or all of the costs of the therapy may be covered.  Contact an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer through this Web site for a free consultation to see if you qualify.

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