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Speech Disorder and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that usually affect the motor, locomotion, and muscles of the patient.  Speech and communication problems are very common in children and adults with cerebral palsy.  Since the disorder is usually caused by a trauma to the brain, the speech function is often damaged as well.  Additional problems in communicating can come from the inability to motion or communicate using the hands or arms.

Since cerebral palsy is incurable, a lifetime of therapies and treatments is usually the best course of action.  Speech therapies and treatments can be effective in aiding the cerebral palsy victim with speaking and communicating.  Speech and communication are essential to any person, and any impairment can result in serious problems.  A speech disorder for the person with cerebral palsy can be helped, and the speech patterns can improve over time.

In addition to speech therapies, other adaptive equipment may be used to aid the speech disorder caused by cerebral palsy.  Machines known as “augmentative and alternative communication systems (AAC)” give a voice through a machine or computer and from a text source, such as a keyboard or preprogrammed answers.  Such computers can aid the cerebral palsy sufferer with severe speech disorders and can give them a larger range of communication possibilities.  There have been many recent technological advancements that allow for a more personalized voice, instead of a flat robotic-like tone.

Other AACs include symbol charts with prewritten words that the cerebral palsy patient can point to, either with their hands, or a device.  Using these charts can aid the cerebral palsy victim in communicating with people outside.  This can be especially useful in the case of an emergency or other problem.

A speech therapist may also be employed to help a speech disorder caused by cerebral palsy.  This type of therapy may not only be important in making speech better, but also in developing the muscles of the face in order to eat, breathe, and control side effects like drooling as well.  The speech therapy consists of working on communication techniques involving speaking, charts, or even sign language.  Cerebral palsy patients who are able to speak can improve their speech with long-term speech therapy.

Computers are making the most progress in giving communication to those who were unable to speak or communicate in other manners.  Computers can be hooked to wheelchairs and through the use of speakers the cerebral palsy patient can “talk” to the outside world, with immediate and clear results.

If you or a loved one has cerebral palsy due to a medical mistake some or all of the costs associated with improving speech disorders in cerebral palsy may be recovered.  You must contact an experience cerebral palsy lawyer through this Web site for a free consultation to see if you qualify.

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